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Tianjin Freya automation technology Co., Ltd. has an integrated after-sales service team, the goal of which is to develop the electric actuator, to maintain, manage and upgrade the electric actuators assets in use so as to meet the increasingly high demands of global customers to the most.

Urgent and ordinary service:

We offer urgent and ordinary services to all kinds of actuators in all regions (dangerous environment included). Some clients focus on the quick emergency response speed while others require ordinary services for all actuators, including installation, debugging, upgrade, connecting, and the installation of bus communication, the trouble removal and repair of equipments in degrading performance.

Actuator overhaul:

Over a long period of working time, customers may want to overhaul the actuators instead of purchasing new ones. We will disassemble and reassemble the machines thoroughly so that they will recover to the entirely new condition totally.

Device inspection:

Because of the lack of detailed information of equipment assets, it is difficult for some clients to distinguish the priority of equipment maintenance and assets replacement. We will carry out intrusive inspection to actuators in large scale, and then combine the results with production figures in our database. In this way our clients will have a full knowledge of their own assets.

Remould actuators connected with existing valves:

We have rich experience in the installation of valve, sluice, ventilation door baffle and actuator. No matter the customers need to replace the old actuator or change power supply, motor drive, manual valve, we will provide them with tailored problem solving program to meet their needs.

Lockout and renovation:

We can offer customer support to ensure their actuators operate properly, fulfill the strict demand of lockout renovation time. For example, some power station asks us to disassemble and overhaul 200 actuators in their workshop, and to maintain one set. We completed this task successfully by reinstalling and debugging the actuators, conducting additional program in the same time, so that our customers will make best of the renovation time.

Protection repair service:

We offer commonly regular service for customer, thus offer the entity between actuators and the value of each one. This service especially meets the demand of customers requiring to extend the working time of factory maximally. 

The installation of actuator and new valve after leaving factory:

The accurate installation of actuator and new valve is the key factor of automatic valve’s working properly and steadily. Usually this service is provided by valve manufacturers, but we can offer it if you ask. 

Extended service:
Customer demand for this service is increasing. Our team owns abundant techniques to supply customers with one –stop service in part of or the whole production process. Our service involves in the entire installation period (range choosing, design, purchase, production, installation, debugging) and all aspects of actuator program.

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