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I.Type of electric actuator

The electric actuator of valve and valve compose the electric valve in supporting and may be used in long-distance automatic control occasion. Due to different valve kinds, caliber, diameter of valve rod and working conditions, various conditions should be considered comprehensively to select the electric actuator suitable for valve work requirements while selecting and matching the electric actuator.

Valve diameter:mm
Valve pressure:MPa/kgf
Process medium:

II.Selection on specification and model for electric actuator

When the kind of electric actuator is selected, the specification and model of electric actuator should be selected further.

Model of electric actuator:
Output torque:Nm
Circle number of valve rod:r/min
Output rotating speed:rpm
Diameter of valve rod:mm

III. Selection on control mode

If the user has high requirements on valve control precision, or the working environment is complex, and the remote control is required to be realized, it is suggested to select the electric actuator of intelligent valve.

Control mode:

IV. Selection on power voltage

Power voltage : please fill in Power voltage

Power voltage:

V. Other model selection requirements

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