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Optional electric actuator product

Electric actuators, also known as electric actuators, electric head. In the pipeline project, to determine when the selected valve, optional electric actuator is to ensure that one of the conditions to ensure the safety of electric valves work properly. If the electric actuator inappropriate choice will not only affect the use, but also have serious adverse consequences and economic losses. Usually available from the following aspects to be considered optional electric actuator.

● Work Environment
Our electric actuators for the following typical work environment.
a, Outdoor open-air installation, wind, sand, rain, snow, frost, sunshine, large temperature, dust and other environments. Of course, the indoor installation is more applicable.
b, Humid tropics, tropical dry environment, ambient temperature -30℃ ~ 60 ℃, Humidity ≤ 95% RH.
c, Salt spray, mold, damp environment, such as dock marina, ocean or river ships.
d,The working environment containing corrosive gases, such as chemical plants.
e, Occasions with severe vibration, such as steam pipes, vessels and so on.
● Control requirements
Our electric actuator provides three typical control loops (see Products), you can select the appropriate control loop pipework system as needed. If you have special needs, require special instructions when ordering.
● Output Torque
Due to a wide range of valves, even if the same kind of standard models of valves, due to different manufacturers manufacturing level, structure, material and other selected, the torque values are different. So when the valve is selected, you should check with the manufacturer valves open and close the maximum torque value.
In actual use, often because of pressure fluctuations in the system, factors media type, site environment, job characteristics, causing the valve to open or close the torque of a great change. In order to ensure a stable and reliable work implementing agencies, must be left in the selection of an appropriate margin. 1.1-1.3 times the recommended left margin factor in the selection.
margin Coefficient = actuator output torque ÷ pressure test valve with a torque≥ 1.1-1.3 times.
The output torque electric actuators for two reasons:
Starting torque:
According JB/T8219 standards, the starting torque of the electric actuator at 15% of rated voltage static start torque value. As is usually the starting torque torque actuator nameplate to ensure that the implementing agencies in extreme cases can successfully drive the valve.
Maximum torque:
Refers to the implementation of the maximum torque values at rated voltage agencies working blocked dynamically turn can produce. Maximum torque is the executive body actually reflects short-time overload in the work process.
Nameplate moment ours electric actuator is a static starting torque values -15% of the rated voltage, the maximum torque is 1.3 to 1.8 times the starting torque.
Need to remind that: 
Now some manufacturers in order to pursue sales executive body, any exaggerated actuator torque values, such as the maximum torque value as a torque actuator nameplate, misleading optional user. This is actually an irresponsible act. Implementing agency if long-term work at maximum torque conditions, its life and reliability will be greatly reduced. Meanwhile, the piping system in the course of their work will inevitably be a variety of short-term agitation, then there will be no overload implementing agencies to overcome these agitation. Will ultimately affect the normal operation of the pipeline system.
● Full stroke movement time
Be asked to confirm whether the system meets the requirements of the electric actuator full travel time based on the action.
Electric actuator manufacturers choose
Currently, the production of compact electric actuator on the market of many manufacturers, products similar in appearance, technical parameters on the information provided seems almost, but actually in product performance, quality, reliability, durability and other aspects of the different. This gives the majority of users have a smoke and mirrors optional feeling.
How can select some good quality manufacturers and actuators it? Here are some of the methods and criterion for reference.
Manufacturers of the products are tested by the test product performance, protection, or other special properties of national authoritative organization Getting the CCC, CE, CAS, UL safety certification
● Manufacturer's level of manufacturing process, equipment situation? 
Are equipped with the necessary testing, testing equipment Really establish and improve the quality assurance system of the whole process and passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification? Really in the actual production process is in accordance with the system requirements of the operation and not just have a certificate. Because now developed a means of propaganda, a large amount of orders or conditional user is best to go to the factory site visits, and do not easily believe that the manufacturers of promotional materials. At present, there are some manufacturers who obviously only a dozen or even a few people making cottage, does not have the necessary technical personnel, production equipment and testing instruments, but in the promotional materials or pages will own propaganda like flowers flowers Like, so users do not pay attention carefully.
● Manufacturing factory a few years time. 
Known: modern industrial production emphasis is on order, coordination, meticulous and rigorous, as a modern production unit, no three, running five organizations simply can not produce a tight and effective collective. Its products are not after three years of actual use test site, simply can not say that the quality of its products, life, reliability how. At present, some manufacturers have just set up soon, it boasted of its products to international brands cast on the page, and boasted of its companies have a huge organization, established a throughout the domestic and international marketing network, etc., which can only be self-says confident.
● Manufacturers look for samples of the quality and workmanship judge.
Indeed, the appearance of a good quality of the product is not necessarily a good description of its intrinsic quality. But the appearance of a product if the quality is very rough, the internal parts of the poor workmanship, the overall performance and quality of their products can not be good. Because the appearance of quality and workmanship of the various factors is actually a technical level, device capabilities, manufacturing processes, such as philosophy and financial strength of a manufacturer's a reflection on the quality. This is a relatively simple method for determining quality of a good or bad.
● Note inspect manufacturers of team strength. 
As we all know: To prepare a business or a product, you must have a sincere cooperation of the team, there is a technology encompasses the design, quality control, business management, product marketing and other aspects of the collection of talent. At present, there are some newly established manufacturers, technology managers also one or two products is looking for 1.0 East and West parts pieced together to find out a little. But it can boast of how their product quality and reliable business philosophy of how well the company how big. These are just a propaganda tool for survival need to take it.
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